Cadillac Rainbow is a cannabis strain that results from a genetic mix between Pure Michigan and Runtz. This strain is a gassy and fruity hybrid with notes of cherry and mint and a lemon and diesel taste.

Cadillac Rainbow has 37.54% THC, making it an excellent choice for seasoned cannabis users. Cadillac Rainbow effects include feeling calm, joyful, and hungry, according to Leafly consumers. Cadillac Rainbow is a popular medical marijuana strain among people suffering from pain, sadness, and a lack of appetite. Cadillac Rainbow, created by 3rd Coast Genetics, tastes like diesel, citrus, and sweetness.


The Cadillac Rainbow strain is a popular cannabis strain known for its vibrant colors and powerful effects. Find out where to buy this strain, including Fryd Bars, and discover its unique qualities.

The major terpene of this strain is unclear; however, based on its scent and effects, it may include some myrcene or linalool. Cadillac’s average pricing

Cadillac Rainbows has an earthy, peppery, and garlicy profile that makes it spicy in all the right ways!

The high begins with an onset of relaxing effects, but soon, a cerebral rush of energy and creativity kicks in, and you’ll be moving and grooving—relaxing but functional!